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General information regarding the presentations

We asked all presenters to share their presentations with us (excluding the client material). We will upload the presentations on the conference website as soon as possible.


Thursday 3 November 2016

  1. We are happy to invite you to an informal get-together at 18.30 hrs in bar East 57 at CASA 400, where we will have our own designated space.

  2. Change of title
11:30-1:00pm I. Allan Abbass: Treatment of Treatment Resistant Depression in the Setting of Fragile Character Structure, UVA Room 1 and 2 
  II. Robert Neborsky: Beyond Davanloo's ISTDP: The Next Frontier Using AB-ISTDP in Treatment Resistant Depression: The Man Found His Lost HumanityUVA Room 3 and 4 



Friday 4 November 2016

  1. Change of title
11:00-12:30 I. Albert Sheldon & Beatriz Winstanley: Therapeutic Activation of Endogenous Dopamine Networks to treat Resistant Depression, UVA, Room 1 and 2
  II. Joel Town: Findings from The Halifax Treatment Resistant Depression Trial Capacity building format in time-limited ISTDP, UVA Room 3 and 4
  III. Maria Sandgren: How Verbal Accounts Can Create Psychological Distance to Emotionally Loaded Issues in Therapy, Sorbonne Room
IEDTA Conference 2016 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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